Malva Real is naturally an eclectic project. The fusion is the creative engine that crosses and integrates the different dimensions of this intimate experience, from the large spaces to the smallest details. It is accessed through a long and transitory green space, which allows gradually leaving behind all the stress of the city and immersing the visitors into a new state of mind. Once you enter, you see immediately the large central bar that organizes all of the main space. Each corner has a different treatment and allows different options to be given to the guest. Thus, the spaces are distributed according to the seasons of the year, winter, autumn, spring and summer seasons, which inspired the colour and material treatments of each place.

In this project, the gastronomic aspect is almost more important than the architecture. In its conception, every corner of the kitchen was subject to great technical considerations. We worked with chefs and engineers that were specialized in ventilation, air conditioning and cooking processes. With the exception of the equipment, all the furniture was customised design by our office, and they were executed by the best craftsmen in the country. The owner, highly successful businesswoman put, particular emphasis on incorporating the latest high-end technology to ensure the best culinary level, to contribute to local economic development. Every detail of lighting and ambience was taken care of; menus, business cards, napkins, linens, ornaments and furniture were designed to give identity to this particular, characteristic and original atmosphere. The interior architecture was enriched by the integral approach to design, blended with the philosophy of its owner, who wanted to create an unparalleled experience of high impact that would stimulate all the senses by immersing themselves in an exuberant experience, one that is rich in colours and textures. For this, Factoría developed an integral project of architecture, logistics, industrial design and corporate branding.