Between the lower part of Cerro Quelén, and the border of the Lanalhue Lake this Hotel Building is built. This four level structure is of mixed materiality, mainly local pine wood with some metal and concrete structure. The Hotel, in its spatial, structural and aesthetic configuration, is defined by the reed vegetation, typical of this lacustrine landscape, which can be observed in several architectural elements.

Its interior spaces are zigzagging with the height and geometry of the hill, generating a winding path of unpredictable corners. In this inner experience once you enter a double height hall, whose relation of depth and intimacy is defined by the border condition with wavy geometries. Throughout the course of the corridors, the elongated and continuous lateral opening is perceived attached to the hill edge condition, which unfolds into a snake-like window where you can lay to read. This window connects the guest with the land of the hill. Here, everything is treated with woods dyed white or black. The atmosphere is quite subtle and treated with warm lighting that embraces and allows to feel inside the quilts and native flora that emerges from the hill. It is an ethereal space, marked by a double height, with a pedestrian inner bridge of complex angles that meander in all its length to enter the rooms. Three overhead light bulbs mark the rhythm, but they do not give the possibility to see outside. On the contrary, they oblige us to turn towards a purely introspective space, one that forces us to read Arauco’s poems engraved on the wall and to become aware of being on the edge of everything.

Once one enters the rooms, the view opens to the lake in all its amplitude and makes us hang almost over the lake, and feel part of the reeds. The hotel, which now has ten rooms, contains pieces of exclusive design and original furniture inspired by its surroundings, doors, handles, lamps, sinks and each of the details that make the rooms are custom made like a piece of art, an expression for the best of the luxury handmade. This approach of design and artlike provides a unique experience that impacts all the senses with a sample of the best local design and architecture in the region.

Sustainability is present in the rational use of the temperature of the lake to maintain thermal stability throughout the year, through a radiant slab and the combination of solar, hydro, and biomass energy. and the recycling of grey water among other technical explorations of the project.