This sculptural and functional piece has a high symbolic value for the client. Its symbolic value is that it evokes the memory and experiences of Lorena with her father. All this transcends the object itself and fills it with significance and meaning. Lorena is the daughter of a deceased sailor from whom she could not say goodbye. This piece is constituted as an art object that would consolidate space in the garden of the house of Lorraine where she daily reconnected and connected with the essence of her father. This piece of 3.5 meters high, and a diameter of 5 meters approximately; It was made of laminated wood. Its symmetry allows anchoring it through a central axis, and from where they exit; 3 radial curved arms that in turn become comfortable seats. This functionality allows reflection and reflection under the beautiful shadow of a large garden tree, so submerged in this shelter, pay tribute to the father.

Today this anchor will not sail, rather it will be resting in the garden and will anchor the time or at least intense fragments in Lorraine’s life. Without a boat, it will sit surrounded by flowers, where Lorena’s dreams will sail in the memory of her beloved father.

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