This building is literally inserted into nature and embedded into the hill. Also, the southern facade is almost hanging from the slope of the hill. This building houses four family units, organized into two floors. All units face a particularly privileged view to the majestic southern side of Lake Lanalhue. Our intention was that this building is integrated into the landscape in a pure and modern way as if it was emerging from the nature of its surroundings, and looking for the domain of the hillside on the great topographic slope. We oriented the view toward the light of the Puelmapu, which is where the sun is born for the Mapuche culture. The building is almost camouflaged by its surroundings and is covered by the native and greenish vegetation so typical of the area; For example, one can find quilts, maquis, boldos and a great diversity of endemic shrubs.

Beyond the program of functions of this kind of unit for tourist accommodation, we seek to give a contemporary and modern feeling to this spaces, combined with a rational and orthogonal structuring, at the same time, maximizing natural light and connection with the outside. They are accessed by the slope of the hill through a large ramp for universal access and that makes the transition between the hill and the lake. We also sought to contextualize the project with the timber culture of the area, through an austere, rational and sustainable structure. Programmatically, the four units are composed of the main room, and a bedroom, a living room and an open kitchen. All have a terrace that overlooks the slope looking for the lake.

The interior design was based on the inspiration of country furniture with a modern interpretation. The palette of pastel colours contrasts with the dark exterior of the walls. In the furniture of the kitchen, there are no doors nor ornaments, everything is shaped by their own structure, honestly and rationally. The same within the kitchen cabinets, everything looks and has a definite place, nothing is hidden. The result is an interior design that mixes the vernacular with the modern, the warm with purer lines.

Finally, part of the furniture of the rooms has been created with lines and characteristic aspects of pure and unique design in renewable and laminated woods. The sofas and some lamps have been made by craftsmen from Chimbarongo, the kitchen furniture, bathrooms have pastel tones and details of subtle touches on the walls in a modern rustic style. In the sleeping rooms, there are objects of the brand Susana Herrera design furniture. In the inside, white wood coatings predominate withing every detail of the wood. There are some specially designed shelves that are inspired by the landscape shapes, which translate the warmth and ambient lighting. The woods of the construction come from a forest and sawmill of the owner, which is located no more than 20 km from the site as part of the philosophy of minimizing the carbon footprint and the impact of construction.