An extension in the attic.

This project consisted of a small addition of the upper floor of an old house from 1939 in a very old neighborhood. We kept the original configuration of the sloping roof, we only raised one of the wings to get more height.

This type of roof allows additional office spaces without the need to add a too expensive, so the original geometry was respected and an uninhabitable space was enabled.

On the interior, the addition provides extra floor-space and height. An abundance of daylight can enter the studio through a south faced strip of glass looking toward the existing wild garden

By placing a modest addition of rectangular roof within the urban constraints, a spacious roof window is created within these limitations. This large window gives a great feeling of openness to the attic that looks over the fruit trees of the fifth patio, a rare wild condition that little is found in the city today.

The new program, considers a new office room which is accessible by the original attic staircase, which is placed in line opposite to the existing staircase. In this new space, we find a large office, a private office, a meeting room, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and storage space.

During the construction process of the aggregate area, the existing roof was renovated and isolated with greater benefits. Low E windows were also used. Special care was taken with seals and insulators. To avoid prolonged exposure to climatic conditions, the rapid implementation of wood for this renovation was chosen. The wooden panels are still insightful and directly form the finish. There was a feeling of warmth, and of nature inside with Madrea partitions that put together a very high quality and transparent structure. Along with the light of the wooden floor and the milky wood finish on the wall, a palette of warm and natural materials is achieved that differs from the more classic and existing interior of the house in the lower levels.