Remodelling a downtown home, to transform it into what we know today as Cit Salud Medical Center, forced us to assume all the architectural limitations that this involved. Facing this challenge, we were encouraged to make a comprehensive approach taking advantage of every single corner of the new space to generate this new Trauma Rehabilitation Center.

We worked appealing to the senses and transforming the medical experience into a more playful and relaxed one. We applied digital design through the use of colours and lighting that integrated images of X-rays to make them more friendly, combined with flower petals, leaves of nature and textures. Everything was altered with biophilic images with digital colour treatments, transparencies and well-kept lighting. Every focal point was adapted to the focal perspective of the viewer in each corner. In the centre, an abstract patio across the waiting area, with a tree-lined sculpture. At the back, we located the attention boxes with screens filled with images of flowers. The furniture was also specially designed to achieve warmth and lightness.

Our determination for this project was to ensure that the treatment of healing is fully addressed in the space, and therefore the treatment of the patient begins at the moment of entering the space, where the subject is transferred emotionally to another dimension. We put special care in the details so that the rehabilitation task also attends to the soul of the patient, as an essential part of the spirit beyond the physical.

To house the new architectural program, which would be built in different stages we had to modify several structural points of the old house, and thus enable to build new larger spaces and expand available empty areas, to incorporate a therapeutic gymnasium, or the heated pool for intensive treatments, among others. Other spaces, for example, more subdivided, such as several boxes for doctors in different areas, therapy rooms, beauty rooms, a specially equipped gym for children, waiting rooms, and the therapeutic pool with a mobile platform to vary the depth of the pool as needed were some of the requirements.

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